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If you are a homeowner in the Sterling Heights area in need of hoarder cleanup and junk removal services, give G.I. Bins a call today. When it comes to home cleanup, there are few issues more complex or more difficult to resolve than hoarding. A serious mental illness, hoarding involves impulsively accumulating large quantities of items in one's home, to the point that everyday activities are hard to perform and sanitation is compromised.

While psychological counseling can help get this illness under control, victims and their families still have to clean out the large load of items, a difficult and sometimes dangerous job. G.I. Bins takes care of the cleanup for you. If you or a loved one suffers from hoarding, we are happy to remove the waste and give you a fresh start.

Professional Hoarder Cleanup Services

Our mission at ServiceMaster Restore is to make every client and their loved ones feel completely comfortable during the cleanup and de-cluttering process. Our compassionate crew members understand just how stressful it can be to see these changes take place. We strive to respect your privacy and use discretion as we quickly and safely remove unnecessary items from the home.

Quick and Safe Hoarder Cleanup Services in Sterling Heights, MI

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When it comes to hoarder cleanup, it always pays to have a plan. G.I. Bins thus begins each job by visiting the site, inspecting the items that have to be removed, and identifying any unique junk removal challenges or health risks. From this initial assessment, which we provide for free, we can obtain accurate estimates for the cost of our hoarding cleanup service and the amount of time it will take to complete. We then obtain the necessary trash cleanup equipment so that we are able to do the job quickly and safely. Before you know it, your house will be back to pristine condition.

Hoarders accumulate a myriad of different items in their lives. Some of these items have unique removal or disposal requirements, especially after being piled in the same place for months or years at a time. The G.I. Bins team is trained to deal with:

  • Extreme Clutter Removal: Depending on how long the hoarding has occurred, clutter can become so serious as to prevent anyone from moving around the building. An obstacle to ordinary residents, however, is no problem for our team. We can clear large and densely packed quantities of items rapidly and efficiently, freeing up space for us to engage in more detailed cleaning efforts.
  • Recyclable Identification & Removal: Many items that hoarders accumulate are made from materials that can be reused. G.I. Bins strives to make sure all such items are reserved and re-purposed. We have particular experience with scrap metal recycling, a process that saves considerable energy and landfill space while providing valuable resources for consumer goods.
  • Sanitation Services: Hoarded items frequently attract insects or rodents, hold pools of stagnant water, grow mold, or rot. Health threats like these not only make hoarder clean out jobs more difficult but can often persist long after the original items have been removed. Our team has the equipment to deal with unsanitary conditions safely. We identify all possible hazards to your health and don't stop cleaning until they have been eliminated.
  • Salvaging Valuable Items: Mixed in with the newspapers, appliances, and other hoarded goods, there may be jewelry, family heirlooms, important documents, and other items that you would not want to lose. We scan carefully for these items, making sure to separate them out from waste materials and keep them in good condition.

Customer Reviews:

"Max from G.I. Bins was very helpful. He was prompt and efficient. I will definitely be recommending this company." Rachel H.*
"Max was great from the beginning. Outstanding service and reasonably priced. I would absolutely use them again for my next project." Eric S.*

Hoarding can destroy your property. Don't let hoarding prevent you from using your home. For more information on our services or to request an inspection, contact us today at 248-631-8202 or fill out our online form.